Only Dog Walkers Guild in the UK launched

Updated: Mar 17

It is not know how many dog walkers there are in the UK but most are small independent small businesses working locally.

For the first time ever there is now a Dog Walkers Guild that will allow all those that decide to join to be found on one single platform when someone is looking for this service.

It is free to use for anyone looking in their own local area, all the visitor has to do is go to the Guild Members Map page, zoom in on the UK map yo their own area and click on one of the pins.

This will reveal the members full contact details, including telephone, email, and website details for the visitor to contact that member direct.

If that member is not suitable then the visitor can select another pin on the google map and try that member.

The Dog Walkers Guild is part of the Page 1 Google UK group that helps small businesses in the UK to develop their businesses with low-cost alternatives to most business building online services that tend to be quite prohibitive for small businesses.

The group has already developed a Window Cleaning Guild on the same principal and has plans to develop many more Guild websites over the coming months.

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