Here you will find help and support guidance and services for all Members

The sole aims of the Dog Walkers Guild are to help develop the profile of members and their services locally within the areas their services are offered and marketed to.

In the coming months the profile and position of the Dog Walkers Guild in search engines will increase with the end product being achieving page 1 ranking everywhere in the UK. The future success and growth of the Guild will help determine the growth of its members businesses too.

As the Guild is in its infancy, we would urge members to encourage other Dog Walking businesses to also join the Guild -

It should be noted that the stronger the Guild membership, the easier it is to attract businesses and the public to use the Guild to source their services - so it definitely is an incentive for existing members to help enlist other members.

As the sole purpose of the Guild website is to create a page 1 position and platform in all major search engines which has no other objectives or requirement to generate income for the Guild itself.


Any fees set in the future will be solely based on the administrative costs of maintaining the Dog Walkers Guild website .


Other Business Development Services

There will be however some services that our sister company offer which members will have access to if they are actively seeking to directly improve the profitability and success of their business.

As  a concession to Dog Walkers Guild members, any of those services will be offered at the standard website prices LESS 20% - this discount will only be provided on request from any registered Guild Member.

Any members who are looking to develop their client base now or later can find options here.