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The Dog Walkers Guild welcome visitors to our website looking for local dog walking services across the UK.

Dog walking services come in many forms and duties and contrary to common belief, the role of dog walking is carried out by very professional, caring, and knowledgeable people.
As dog lovers themselves they treat all dogs as they do their own, which is an essential part of their job. Acting as guardian to all the dogs in their care they to very quickly get to know all of the characteristics of each dog making their 'friends' time with them productive and enjoyable.
The function of the Dog Walkers Guild:
Over the coming weeks and months this website will be home for many providers of these services across the UK. You will find full contact details of members of the Dog Walkers Guild allowing you to get in touch with them direct by telephone, e-mail or visiting their website by clicking on the link provided on the Members Map page.
As membership grows to cover the whole of the UK, visitors will become to rely on the Dog Walkers Guild for their personal requirements and, eventually making the Guild the largest database of independent Dog Walkers in the Country.
Accessing contact details of members of the Guild will remain permanently free of any charges 
The Members Map:
The Members Map page contains full contact details of the Members who can be located in the UK by selecting a pin in the visitors own area and clicking on that pin.
This will open a link to the members contact details for the visitors to contact the member directly
As membership grows please contact the Guild if you require any of the dog walking services giving us your post code and we will see if we can source one for you.You can email us here